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Gig Force assists employers fill temporary staff shortages positions, including emergency cover using part-time, temporary or locum workers who currently work in Gig economy. Every day the entire country’s workforce includes many thousands of such workers from self-employed professionals, trades people and others seeking temporary or part-time work. Lifestyle or Gig work often involves multiple jobs or tasks and variables hours. Gig Force enables you to quickly locate and safely hire workers or such service providers at short notice.

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Gig force puts you in contact with thousands of employers

Even large employers including factories employ casual and part-time assembly workers at peak times plus other skills to fill specific or short-term tasks.

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If you are there is even greater demand for your services, from skilled craftsmen to website designers and many others who prefer to work on their initiative, often at times which suit their lifestyle.

There are so many part-time and temporary roles for Gig workers

Whether a college student, mother with children, or between jobs and seeking temporary employment for additional income, Gigforce can help you find work quickly.

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If you’re a qualified professional, tradesman or student seeking temporary part or full-time employment, Gig Force is where you can find work and employers can find you. So, whether you are a freelance project manager or software developer, self-employed electrician or plumber or a student seeking extra income for bar work or similar, Gig Force can help you find work.


Zero hours contract Gig economy work has always existed but was not given a name before. You can now promote yourself and your availability to work on Gig Force. Generally, you’ll be paid gross, and so you must deal with your own tax affaires.


Gig work is a lifestyle choice which suits many – take control register with Gig Force now.


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